Gambling 2.0 – The Different Forms Of Online Casinos


The history of gambling is as old as mankind itself. Man strives to gamble. By nature, he seeks variety and experiences that are best of all exciting. Games of chance move with the times and change ceaselessly. Almost everyone would like to feel the Las Vegas experience once. But nowadays it is not only possible to try your luck in casinos, from home and mobile can be played via the Internet in online casinos.

Access is via an Internet-enabled device such as a PC, smart TV, tablet or smart phone. Among other things, online portals offer the opportunity to place bets or play well-known casino games such as roulette and blackjack. But luck can also be challenged on virtual slot machines – the so-called slot machines or slots for short.

Regulated online casinos usually offer the same odds and payout ratios as brick-and-mortar casinos. Some operators even offer higher payback rates to attract and retain new customers.

Different Types Of Online Casinos

Online Casinos

Online casinos are divided into three types:

  • Web-based online casinos
  • Download-based casinos
  • Live dealer casinos

Web-based online casinos can be used directly via the Internet browser. Thus, no specific software needs to be downloaded and installed beforehand. However, sometimes it is necessary to update certain extensions (plug-ins) such as Java or Flash so that the gaming application can be displayed properly. With this variant of online casino, however, there must be sufficient bandwidth on the Internet connection, as sounds, graphics and animations must be constantly updated.

Download-Based Casinos

With download-based casinos, it is necessary to download a specific software and install it on the terminal device. This then connects to the casino’s service provider and thus manages the contact without an intermediary web browser. The advantage here is that the programs work faster, since all the components of the game are located on the player’s hard drive and thus do not constantly update during the game. Disadvantages with this type, on the other hand, are that the initial installation is time-consuming and there is a risk of loading malware onto the terminal device.

Live Dealer Casinos

Live dealer casinos are very expensive and complex for the operator, so that only certain games such as roulette or poker are offered. In this type, the game is moderated by a human croupier. Everything is transmitted via a live stream. In this case, the provider needs several employees (cameramen, referees, IT managers) to act in the background. In addition to a live studio, there is a server or software room and an analysis studio.

Play Anytime And Anywhere

Types Of Casinos

Whether luck is challenged in a normal casino or online is a matter of taste these days. There are many different offers, besides anonymous online slot machines, contact with other people can also be sought in a live stream. Different manufacturers and operators offer an extensive range, so that everyone gets their money’s worth.

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