Powerful Ways to Biohack Your Brain

Biohack Your Brain

The speed of our life is getting faster every decade, and not everyone manages to match the new pace. Many suffer from existence in such conditions, it is difficult for them to constantly keep themselves in good shape. As a result – problems in many areas: finances, love, self-realization, and health.

The main problem of this is the inability of the brain to adapt to such conditions because nature does not lay down the tension of forces on an ongoing basis. If the body is ready to mobilize, then for a short period of time. We know how to make your brain work better and more efficiently, and get tired less in simple accessible ways.

Cold Therapy

Cold Therapy

A short-term cold has a positive effect on the body. At the moment of contact with ice water or frosty air, a lot of adrenaline is released, which minimizes the level of stress. And the cold gives a tremendous boost of energy, which lasts for a long time.

Start with a contrast shower and wash with cold water. You will notice how your productivity will increase. While taking the bath you can press the 20Bet Login button and play your favourite games to relax even more.

Breathing Practices

For the normal functioning of all human systems, and the brain in the first place, the body needs a sufficient amount of oxygen. And it’s not just about staying in the fresh air, although this is very important, but about the correct breathing technique.

Unfortunately, most of us breathe incorrectly. And even more so, one does not realize that with the help of breathing you can change your well-being, become more productive and even improve your health.

Conscious breathing helps not only to understand how to inhale and exhale correctly but also to master various techniques for providing self-help in the right situation. 

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Positive emotions are essential for our bodies. The point is in the complex biochemical processes that occur during laughter. Laugh more often – call up friends, watch comedies, at least funny videos or look at pictures. 



No equipment can work without a break, at least a short pause for prevention is absolutely necessary. The same applies to the human body. But one night’s sleep is not enough. During the day, you definitely need to find time to stop for at least 5 minutes and reboot. And meditation is the best way to disconnect from the outside world. And if you combine them with conscious breathing, then the effect will increase many times over.


Man is an ungrateful being. He has so many reasons to say “thank you” to the world and others, and he only notices the bad. Develop the habit of thanking your life every day for what you already have, and you will notice how quickly you become happier and more productive.

Refusal of Alcohol and Tobacco

Drinking alcoholic beverages even in small quantities and smoking takes too much vital energy to leave behind these bad habits. Junk food has the same effect. If you want to change your life dramatically, then you will have to give up these substances that poison the body.

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