What’s The Appeal Of Themed Slot Machines?

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A few spins on a slot machine can work wonders. You switch off and also have the chance to win great winnings. If you don’t have your own account at an online casino yet, this offer would be interesting for you: A 5 euro no deposit bonus at the casino, just for opening a new account. You do not need to take your own money in hand for the starting balance. As soon as you have registered on the offering platform, the amount will be credited automatically. But then you are spoiled for choice. Which of the numerous slot machines do you want to try out?

Advantages Of Themed Slot Machines

Themed video slots, such as those that are suitable for New Year’s Eve, can turn your gaming time into a roaring celebration. Thus, you get the feeling of actually celebrating the last day of the year, letting rockets fly and champagne corks pop. The purposefully chosen theme with familiar symbols and motifs gets you in the right mood. It all seems a little more authentic. And this is just one of the many advantages of themed slot machines.

Two Main Reasons to Give Them a Chance

There is a corresponding slot for almost every theme, and usually even a large selection of them. Slots that are based on a well-known movie or a popular series are especially impressive and visually outstanding. Whether it’s Jurassic Park by Microgaming or the adaptation of Game of Thrones, these games turn the screen into a movie screen.

As a player, you have the opportunity to choose not only themed, but also depending on your mood. If you have airplanes in your belly right now, you might be in the mood for Romantic slots, which are all about love. Or if you are more drawn to faraway places, then popular slots like Book of Ra offer exciting adventures in ancient Egypt. However, no matter which game and theme you choose, some specific symbols will always appear. They run like a thread as lucky charms through the history of slot machines.

The Lucky Symbols In Online Slots

Already in the Middle Ages, those lucky symbols appeared, which now belong to the fixed components of online slot machines. Thus, the number 7 is closely associated with the first classic slot machines, as well as the four-leaf clover, which is presented as one of the main characters, especially in slots with the theme of Irish folklore. The history of the horseshoe is interesting. According to superstition, a horseshoe, hung downward, is supposed to shower good luck on the house and yard. Iron was once considered an expensive material, but Christian symbolism with the C facing right for Christ certainly played a role.

In addition to these symbols, some animals also frequently appear as lucky charms, especially the lucky pig on New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day. Also our statement “lucky” is connected with it. A pig did not stand for a life in prosperity for nothing. The hare, or rather the hare’s foot, was also long worn or kept in the house as a symbol of good luck. The dragon, on the other hand, is a symbol that likes to appear in New Year slots with an Asian design. In China, dragons are considered a permanent symbol of luck and guardians of immense treasures.

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