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Sports Betting Online

Just like roulette or blackjack, sports betting has no influence on the outcome of the games, but there is an incomparably greater skill factor in sports betting and it is actually possible for good players to make long-term profits via sports betting. This is not possible with the vast majority of casino games.

Online Sports Betting

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Sports betting has been around for well over 100 years and now accounts for an incredible sector in the gambling industry. In Germany alone, players wager more than 5 billion euros a year on sports betting online. The betting demand is even more pronounced in the Anglo-Saxon region and in Asia. According to estimates, more than 1 trillion euros are turned over annually in sports betting.

In the past, to place sports bets you had to go to a specially set up betting shop, where you filled out a betting slip and paid your stake in cash. Particularly popular were events such as horse races, where you bet directly on the outcome of each individual race. This form of sports betting and also the local betting shops still enjoy great popularity, but now most of the sports betting turnover is made on the Internet. Thanks to the sports betting providers on the Internet, you can bet on practically any sporting event that takes place in the world, be it soccer, be it basketball, be it formula one, be it dog racing or camel betting.

You can bet not only on the outcome of a game, but on almost every conceivable event that could take place during a game – such as the halftime score, who will score the first goal, which horse will arrive second, how many points a certain player will throw in basketball, or which player will drive the fastest lap in a Formula One race.

Sports Betting Bonus

Sports Betting

If you are just starting out betting on sporting events and are looking for a new provider, most providers make it very easy. Many providers of sports betting online offer a bonus to the players who are new.

Often, the amount of this bonus is based on the amount of the first deposit. So such a bonus could be called approximately: 100 percent up to 100 euros on the first deposit. This means that if the player deposits 100 euros, another 100 euros will be credited as a bonus.

The player must first convert the bonus before he can withdraw it. Often, the bonus must be wagered between three and five times on the site via sports bets that have a certain minimum odds (usually between 1.5 and 2.0). This means that before you can withdraw a bonus in the amount of 100 euros, you have to make sports bets totaling 300-500 euros. However, you have several months to do this and usually manage this turnover easily, unless you have enormous bad luck and lose your deposit in the total door too quickly.

Compared to the bonus conditions that can be found in casino games or online poker, it is very easy to actually clear the bonus in online sports betting. If you pay in with the intention of actually participating in many sports bets, you will play the bonus free almost automatically along the way.

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